‘Bulgaria’s Abandoned Soviet Spaceship’ – Photos by Dimitri Bourriau

Dimitri Bourriau, who also goes by the name of his brand Jahz (JahzDesign) is a “multifaceted self-taught artist” based in France. His freelance artworks cover, among other things: design, fashion and photography. His latest series centers Buzludzha, “Bulgaria’s abandoned Soviet spaceship”, as he calls it. Buzludzha is a holy place for photographers around the world, who sometimes cross […]

Siesta and Downtown Isolation – Ulmo Carcosa’s Photography

Martin Della Savia or Ulmo Carcosa is a photographer based in Argentina. His photography is a lost reminder of how to embrace solitude at the periphery of a big city. He captures a variety o subjects in an ongoing experiment of finding his trademark: nostalgic landscapes, warehouse nudes, daily life portraits and stills. None of […]

Scratching The Surface of Romanian Hidden ‘Pornceptual’ Movement

“We want to de-contextualize pornography in its usual sense and show that an explicit sexual content can be considered art” – Pornceptual About 6 years ago, an online gallery introduced the world to a new concept – pornceptual. The initiative, based in Berlin, grew since, and on its way to mainstream it brought porn closer […]

Collective Authorship: Private Histories of Public Architecture

Friday, November 17, at 6:30 PM, @ A5 Studio Space in Amzei Square no. 5 in Bucharest, marks the opening of the Collective Authorship exhibition, a project that investigates the oral history of building the House of the People initiated by visual artist Călin Dan in collaboration with architect Celia Ghyka, as a new episode of […]

(Premiere) French Post-Punk Duo HININ Releases First EP – “Noyés”

Pierre and Antonin are two French musicians coming from “forsaken places”. They recently formed post-punk duo HININ, inspired by artists like Eagulls or The Dogs, with cold wave and street punk/power punk influences. “This summer, rather than laying out on the fine sand beaches, or drinking some fresh drinks on terraces, we were locked in […]

Unsettling Paintings of Materialized Emotions by Ana Butnaru

Ana-Maria Butnaru is a painter based in Iassy, Romania. Her artworks, as dark as they might seem, bring to light a series of deep, thrilling and primal feelings – nothing with a hidden agenda, as we’ll find out later. The artists’ paintings are mainly based on the human subconscious and its perpetual pursuit to reach […]

Uncanny Plague-Themed Photoshoot Got Us All Infested

A bunch of Romanian photographers, models and make-up artists gathered last month for a Halloween photoshoot and the results are impossible to handle. Plague-doctor leather masks, chainsaws, shovels, fire, devilish women, everything set in the dark forests of Brasov (Romania), completed the Poe-esque atmosphere that was way beyond the Halloween photo workshop everybody aimed for. […]

Watch “Idol”, a First Stop-Motion Film by Manuel Cojocaru

Manuel Cojocaru’s first short-film – “Idol” –  is a stop-motion about violence, cruelty, desperation and the tireless search for help in a higher force. For a first film, the black and white, experimental montage manages to deliver a symbolic, terrifying experience, to say the least. Ritualistic, primordial concepts like rebirth, omnipotence and fertility are hidden […]

Cultartes Picks #Inktober 2017’s Romanian Illustrators

Inktober 2017 is almost over, and we’ve decided to take a quick look at what Romanian illustrators and ink passionate artists managed to come up with this year. While most of the #Inktober wannabe’s gave up after the first sketch (long live procrastination!), there are few who succeeded to stick to it till the very […]

#Inktober: Self-Explanatory Sketches of Adrian Iorga

Adrian Iorga is a passioned typo and graphic-designer from Romania whose latest series for #Inktober brought out the best of him. His recent drawings really got my eye and it was just a matter of time until this feature was gonna come up. Any of his new sketches would easily go by as inspired logos, […]

Underground Band ‘Poetrip’ Posts Topless Pic From Show, Gets Reported, Re-posts

Romanian post-rock, experimental band Poetrip went topless on stage this week, while performing at their last concert in Control Club (Bucharest). Oana Maria, the band’s lead-singer, a pro-nudity activist as well as a known feminist says the gesture is a way of promoting equality between sexes.   After a picture of the show was reported […]

Exposing Movement Exhibition – Body Motion Through Analog Photography

Four photographers (Alina Usurelu, Sabina Suru, Hermina Stanciulescu, Lavinia Pollack) and three choreographers (Simona Deaconu, Ioana Marchidan, Andreea Novac) joined for an outstanding experiment, the so-called Exposing Movement. The initiative is the very first project of Developing Art aka D’ART, a newly founded Romanian NGO whose purpose is promoting interdisciplinary education as well as developing […]

Romanian Author Self-Translates Her Debut Book on Modern Love

Romanian author, photographer and wanderer Ioana Cristina Casapu wants to personally translate in English her nationally awarded debut novel, published last year: “Deviatii de Stereo” (en. Stereo Deviations). “Stereo Deviations is a colorful, partially ironic analysis of the Facebook generation, and the way it’s life, half lived in offline and half online, transforms dramatically. The crushes, […]

The Mind-Bending Erotic-Collages of Alexandros Raskolnick

Alexandros Raskolnick is a visual artist from Belarus. His works, sometimes surreal, are mainly compositions based on mixing erotic photography and retouching. The way his mind works, the approach in creating the collages has something fresh, intriguing to it. He usually chooses two or three random pictures with sometimes unexpectedly opposite atmospheres (for instance, a […]

Quick Guide: The “Cultflix” Extravaganza?

What? Cultartes TV is a simple YouTube-based online streaming channel, hosted by a free platform, created strictly to promote video material submitted by our readers or to-be-featured artists. People can send teasers or trailers of their new projects, short-films, music-videos, interviews, experimental or amateur videos, event videos. As long as they’re recent and fit our […]

Diana Vrinceanu – Between Nowhere and Everwhere

1995. Bill Clinton “mistakenly” confirms that Area 51 exists. Microsoft releases Windows 95, the first major consumer-oriented edition of Windows. Ebola epidemic kills almost 250 people in Central-Africa. And, finally, the instant-cult, independent film “Kids”, directed by Larry Clark, sees the big screen. Starring prominent actresses in their youth, such as Chloë Sevigny or Rosario […]

Redefining Self-Eroticism and Female Nudity – Tabata Roja

Tabata Roja is a 23 years old self-taught photographer based in Mexico City. Her vast preoccupation in the domain determined her to experiment obsessively with analog photography (lomography in particular) and even start formal studies in chemical photography. On Her Art Process and Aestethics “I am crazy about the idea of how the emulsion will […]

Beauty Requires Touch. Portraits of Girls, by Bruno Maric

Bruno Maric is a photographer based between New York and Los Angeles, an artist “in love with faces, bodies, hearts and minds”. His portfolio consists mainly in portraits, an exclusive feminine side, in a perpetual try to capture as much expression as possible. His obsession with female portraiture is one of the reasons that determined […]

Those Who Fuck The Labels. The Normals, by Paul Kurucz

They say what’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. The same principle applies to Paul Kurucz new photo series which has as main subject the separation of standard notion of “normality” as accepted by society. “Most people are normal”, the art statement explains. “Some want to be different and follow the norms […]

Edith Novak – Projecting Reality In Your Own Way

1995. Bill Clinton “mistakenly” confirms that Area 51 exists. Microsoft releases Windows 95, the first major consumer-oriented edition of Windows. Ebola epidemic kills almost 250 people in Central-Africa. And, finally, the instant-cult, independent film “Kids”, directed by Larry Clark, sees the big screen. Starring prominent actresses in their youth, such as Chloë Sevigny or Rosario […]

Neon Fauves: Meagan Boyd’s Modern-Day Goddesses of Nature

Meagan Boyd is a Los Angeles based painter who combines the modern-age impressionism with the attraction for Central-American occultism in a perpetual pursuit of creating her own mythical realm. As simplistic or bidimensional (aka “flat vacuous backdrop“) as they might seem, the artist’s works are in fact overly charged with meaning and spiritual symbols. In Boyd’s […]

Photographer Reimagines Iconic Movie Scenes With Ordinary People

Romanian Photographer Alex Iacobescu decided to create a series where he re-staged iconic all-time cinema scenes by replacing the movie stars with people known to him. The idea is part of “Acaju ca-n Filme” (Acaju like in the movies), a local event that marks 9 years since Acaju (a local bar) opened its gates. As […]

If Depression Would Be Nude. Nasos Karabelas’ Photography

Nasos Karabelas is a photographer and film director from Greece. His primary love is cinema. So far he produced two short-films and a feature film which took part in film festivals across his country and also abroad. Karabelas experimented with photography only in the last four years. “I’m self taught”, he says, “and the kind […]

Hippie in Cyprus – Chronicles of a Wannabe Traveller

I’ve been living for about 3 years in Cyprus and didn’t really started to discover it until just recently. I’ve probably seen more of this island in the first week than during the rest of couple years that followed. I’ve been working, meeting people, random life-changing events occured and I’ve changed my mindset several times. […]

The Secret Places of Tom Stoltenberg

Tom Stoltenberg is a young photographer and student at the technical university Dortmund, Germany. Born and grown up in the area ‘Ruhrgebiet’, best known for it’s large coal industry of the last century, he focuses on portraying abandoned places such as old coal mines and similar industrial objects. That metropolitan region is undergoing a change […]

C’est Lui, Paul Virlan!

Romanian illustrator Paul Virlan (featured here) is going to exhibit this month a series of artworks in an venue meant to set up a milestone in his artistic development. From 30th of June and until 14 of July, if you’re in Bucharest you can come by Copper’s Pub to witness “C’est Moi”, the artist’s transmorphism seen through […]

Carrying on Someone’s Legacy via Art Festival: Rocanotherworld

You know you must’ve done something right when people you knew while you were alive gather to create a festival in your honor as soon as you’re gone. That’s what happened last year after Ioan Dan Niculescu aka Roca passed away. People he knew, people who knew him and people who’ve been touched in a […]

Leonardo Glauso’s “Private Nudes” – A Two-Faced Display of Sexuality

Naked twins. Naked roller-skaters. Naked contortionists. Naked beauty seen with a naked eye. Glauso’s muses are innocence’s turned voluptuously in guilt, sweet guilt. Leonardo Glauso is a photographer, editor and founder of Resuer Magazine, currently based in Milan. Born in Florence, he started photographing about 7-8 years ago. He’s still in his twenties, but I […]

Jacqueline Secor on Diversity of Nature Series: “Painting Vulvae is an Act of Resistance”

Aldous Huxley once said that “perhaps it’s good for one to suffer – can an artist do anything if he’s happy? Would he ever want to do anything?”. Ergo, only by going through trauma an artist can really express himself. There’s no surprise there. Not anymore. As we’re going to find out in the interview […]

Eclectic Drawings of Starry Skies by Alexandra Costea

Alexandra Costea, Romanian self-taught artist is sketching images depicting wanderlust, midnight-loving scenes that seem to be taken out of Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know music video. Large views of starry skies, peaceful solitude and just plain coffee combine together in a most simplistic, yet enjoyable state of mind. Check it out below. Wanna get featured? […]