“Folding Mirrors” solo show is the first exhibition from a series of three, based on a long term research work, carried out by Georgian Bărbieru, starting from the idea of fashion as identity statement. The black and white works of Georgian Bărbieru, viewed as through a lens which distorts the image similarly to a folding mirror, move the attention from the glamourous side of the fashion to a lesser-known side of it, like the excessive pollution in the textile industry or the lack of ethics behind the sweatshops in Bangladesh, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Brazil, or Mexico.

By approaching process art in his artistic practice, Georgian Bărbieru’s focus is on the mechanism of folding the images, which he originally finds in the fashion advertising industry. In the next two shows of the trilogy, his works will become more and more abstract, while alternating between 2D and 3D representations, in a subtle, surprising way.

A short announcement from the event organizers:“We are counting on your discreet cooperation regarding the new regulations for event safety in public spaces, so please keep at least 2 m distance between you and others, make use of the hand-sanitizer dispenser on your way into the exhibition hall, and wear your mask during your visit.”

Organizer: ATELIER 030202
Partners: Comedy Theater, Euro CulturArt Association
Curator: Ana Daniela Sultana
June 18 – July 18, 2020
Opening on Thursday, March 12, 2020, 7 pm
Atelier 030202, 11 Sfânta Vineri Street, Bucharest
Coordinator: Mihai Zgondoiu