Artivist’s Visual Campaign Against Rape is Discouraged by Facebook

How offensive are these photos to you? You don’t need to answer this, but just sleep on it for a while. I, for one, find them brave, bold. Cocky, at worst. But offensive? Not so much.

Erik Ravelo, Cuban born artist, artivist and creative director tried to launch on Social Media few days ago a sexual violence awareness campaign in his own way: through a series of heretical and metaphorical photographs. It didn’t work quite the way he expected, and the reason for that was a simple one – Facebook didn’t allow him to promote the post.

“So, Facebook won’t let me do a campaign with these picture. They wrote me saying it violates Facebook’s guidelines! I can post it but I can’t promote the post. […] I wonder myself how something fighting against violations, rape and violence against women can be a violation of anything?”, the artist says. He continues his argument:

“Facebook is full of hate messages, nude, sexy photos. People having sex, war, hunger. Drones bombing cities, terrorism, beheadings. Rape news. I mean, you can find it all here. We accept everything here, advertising for soap, parfumerie, cars, fashion, alcohol, Phones, TV ads, shoes ads, watches, weapons, microwaves ads. Dating websites ads, Casino online ads, remote control dildos ads!! Jihad recruitments!!! Hundreds killed in Kenya. News sponsored by a journal. 

But if I want to advertise values, then no! If I want to use the same tools industry on consumerism does! To share and inspire people for a better world, then no. What kind of democracy is this? What kind of freedom of speech is this? So you Know my hands are tied. But I’m gonna keep doing it and keep posting. I hope some of you may help to spread the message.”

© Erik Ravelo

© Erik Ravelo


© Erik Ravelo


© Erik Ravelo

Erik’s obviously got a valid point. The thing is, as someone already stated, we live in a world of prudes and religious fanatics who are too busy associating Christ’s crucifixion wounds with vagina and rape, that to get beyond that and get the general message. Or to taste the clever artistic concept itself.

More about Erik Ravelo’s art on Facebook and on his website.

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