Arcimago Ingeniously Mixes Synth With Old-School Horror Sountracks

Arcimago is a Rome-based electronic musical project I’m currently exploring. The Mephisto of our generation lives apparently into a parallel world of his own making. He gives himself names and impersonates different characters, he performs behind a bizarre multi-faced mask and even creates entire soundtrack lists from scratch for non-existent movies.

“Arcimago is an electronica project I do inspired by the soundtracks of Italian horror films”, the artist explains. “Creating the fictional soundtrack composer Ugo Negroni, I perform his work live, hidden by a mask under the  Arcimago banner”. It doesn’t sound creepy at all, does it!?

Influenced by international projects like Perturbator, Umberto, Goblin or The Haxan Cloak, Arcimago mixes a variety of punk, synth and old school dark-thriller sounds in a way that gives your brain the most welcomed blood clots. According to the bandcamp page, the musician’s early releases date back in May 2014. Since then, he experimented with remixes of Italian noir cinema’s soundtracks and a series of Misfits’ covers translated to Italian.


His new upcoming project with a very, very unsuspicious name (Uccisora is Italian for “killer”) is as strange as it can get. Listen to “Il Giardino di Pietra” (en. – “The Garden of Stone”) or “Lametta Fantasma” (“Metal Ghost” ??) and you’ll totally agree that those sounds are basically Béla Lugosi on acid.

“Uccisora” – he explains – “ is presented as the score to an Italian horror film that never actually existed – so bleak it was banned before it was made, so the legend goes…”. I’ve raced through all 12 tracks to realize I’m more into i-Doser than I thought. Which now makes me think the whole project is actually a virtual drug, with words and suspense to spice it up. I would recommend listening to the whole Uccisora only after midnight, when you get nice and cozy in your colorful coffin, with a glass of blood and Red Bull by your side.

Here’s an album preview, just to hear how “bleak” it can be:

Find Arcimago on Bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook for more.

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