Antimatter – The Judas Table (Review)

“Anybody who has ever suffered from betrayal can relate to this album.”  Mick Moss

Antimatter is the ultimate form of romance that remained in this musical side. Mick Moss is the last romantic. When we think of romance (let’s exclude the kitsch from our consciousness) is easier to resonate with the idea itself. The Judas Table is a melancholic-tragic experience and you enjoy of its existence, as you enjoy when in theatres is played Shakespeare. Transform your inner space in a theatre and let this musical creation make its game. I have always appreciated music that induces me a specific mood, regardless of its genre, subgenre, shape, direction.  Antimatter has always been that kind of project that I expected to shiver my emotions and feelings.

 This material is focused on slow guitar rhythms and Mick’s voice gives birth to some sort of a ballad that can create addiction. There are, obviously, songs that involve more peace, more intensity. They are places somehow, when consumed with that addiction, avoid any trace of boredom. Thereby, the rhythm is broken from songs like Stillborn Empires or Can of Worms. Stillborn Empires is the song that I really wanted to listen again after The Judas Table end its Goodbye. I like the intensity and the feeling of metaphysical disgust. Little Piggy reminds of one of Anathema’ songs, I can’t tell you which one; I let you use your imagination and intuition. But there is definitely something, a note, a sound, a hint…

The Judas Table is like a dairy of Mick’ personal experiences, some that involves disappointment.  Weaknesses in human behaviour and social life have always been the main theme of Mick’ lyrics. This material reached limits exceeded by the composer and we refer to the various personal conflicts related to people in his proximity. It is a betrayal that identifies with the album title. The disappointment and the betrayal have many faces and forms, but The Judas Table is that result that transforms a slap into a consolation.

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