Anti-Gay Protest Happening Just Hours Before Bucharest’s Gay Pride Parade

Bucharest Pride@Arcul de Triumf, the sexual diversity march, is a movement promoted and sustained by ACCEPT, the first Romanian organization which fights for gay rights and against gay discrimination. A healthy and friendly way of showing us a reality, I’d say. But, as usual, today’s Romanian Gay Pride event faced another hit.


Just hours before the actual parade, the national extremist organization Noua Dreaptă (en. The New Right) occupied the streets in a awkward-to-watch, useless protest against same-sex marriages and child adoptions by same-sex families. Or, how they called it, “The Normality Parade”.

The big picture must’ve made them proud of themselves. More that 200 people marched to Bucharest’s Victoria Square holding a huge national flag while chanting ridiculous slogans towards the LGBT community, such as “Romania’s not Sodoma!” or “Divine Law, Christian Family!”. All that while mumbling “Our Father”, cursing gay people and displaying religious icons above their heads besides censored signs with minimal male characters doing it in doggy style.

Isn’t that just beautiful!? Isn’t that so mature?

(C) Ana Musat

(C) Ana Musat / ‘Noua Dreapta’ Anti-Protest

The incidents against this year’s gay parade don’t stop here. A couple of days ago, an out-door poster promoting today’s event has been spit on by a group of anti-gay individuals. The awful gesture illustrating our’s society general ignorance and futile hatred towards something out of their business was cleaned up shortly after. Literally. A group of young women passing by cleaned up the poster as a form of showing their respect for the Romanian gay minority and giving an example.

This example, and the fact that the diversity parade is still on after this morning’s anti-protest, gives us a little hope we might grow up at some point. With the risk of not going to Heaven too soon, I’m afraid (Brrr..!).

(C) Radu Conea

(C) Radu Conea / The Gay Parade

Main photo via IncognitoPress


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