Another Musical Exploration: Lewis Santos – “Beneath Ancient Light” (Review)

Lewis Santos is a progressive rock artist from Edmonton which I have discovered lately on Costin Chioreanu‘s page, the one in charge for “Beneath Ancient Light” artwork, the most recent release of Lewis. I was pleasantly surprised how a range of influences (from melodic death metal to folk or classical music) were arranged in a very clean and so nicely trained sound. This is not his first material, “The Cleansing Rain”, another EP, was released on January 16, 2015 and counted three songs; Lewis has worked with Brett Seaton for both projects. But there are some other artists who have joined on this story as well. So, we have Tylor Dory with his incursions of aggressive voice and the violinist Jim Cockell

Lewis Santos‘s creative spirits reminds me of Dan Swanö. I enjoy this kind of musical exploration in these so different areas. We’ll have to admit there are just a few bold artists to overcome their comfort zone and penetrate other dimensions in order to offer you a different view on what you’re listening to. Probably that’s the reason many new albums’ kind of bore me, because there are just a few new elements. Anyway, “Beneath Ancient Light” comes with a more breathable air rather than a new one and with a well stuck attitude. “Otan Svinei To Keri”(Όταν Σβήνει το Κερί) is the opening track and it comes just to make you starve for music and curiosity about you’re going to listen. A perfect summary that includes everything that happens throughout this entire album. It’s a melodic metal what makes you wander about metalcore and some progressive foundations. “Cranes Over Everest” keeps you in the same rhythm. It changes, however, the landscape of expression and it heads toward a more focused area of progressive resonances. So we slow down a little bit with “Names Engraved” and “The Watcher In The Rain” with their bathed shades in ballad breezes. The latter song makes me consider about Agalloch or Nest. “These Voiceless Shores” is however exactly what makes you replay the album.

“Beneath Ancient Light” is that material you’re listen to while smiling. It tickles your senses of good music listener in the most surprising ways. It’s the perfect sex scene you can offer to your saturated brain by its artificial roundabout. 

Lewis Santos – Vocals, guitar, bass, keys, bouzouki, baglama, percussion
Brett Seaton – Drums, percussion
Tylor Dory – Harsh vocals
Jim Cockell – Violin

Music and lyrics by Lewis Santos.
Recorded at The Physics Lab, January 2016.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Terry Paholek.
Artwork and layout by Costin Chioreanu.

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