The Most Anonymous Pro-Street Art Group Released Trailer for Their New Movie

This is the new trailer for the upcoming Buchawrestlers’ movie – “Buchawrestlers III“:

Pretty intense, isn’t it?

Nobody knows much about Buchawrestlers. Macanache, Romanian musician, says something about them at some point in a random podcast for MIC Check, a local hip-hop radio station. “Buchawrestlers, some guys who do something a little more underground than usual, you know”, he giggles. “They’re inside, they show you how things get done. Gypsies and beggars… Romania, seen from The Streets. They’re anonymous, somehow. Who already knows them, knows them from the streets. Who doesn’t know them, just doesn’t”.

What we do know is that Buchawrestlers is a local, Romanian team who acts like an agent between us and the actual street-artists vigilantes out there. “We don’t support any illegal activities”, they say. “All the footage shown is send to us anonymously and is used only for documentation purposes”. Which means Buchawrestlers put together the footage they receive from ‘the streets’ and serve the final product to us, the hungry-for-adventure viewers. No comments, no other specifications included. Which I think is nothing but cool. We like it as raw as possible, don’t we?


I got connected awhile ago to their activity. The very first short-video I’ve seen was ‘Gypsy Style’. I admit I was impressed by the quality of the footage, by the contrasts the creator(s) depicts in the video. I saw the hidden (and rather widely ignored) society, the poor people and the orphans haunting on the grey streets of Bucharest, looking for food and shelter, with the dancing girls and the activists wearing flag around their necks. And in between, images of graffiti, in progress or all done. The whole video seemed like an exhibition, and the streets – a huge, dirty and realistic gallery.

If they follow the usual standards, the new project of Bucharestlers won’t disappoint. The trailer for ‘Bucharestlers III’ seems so real. It has masks, vandalism in flagrante, the subway at night, tension, trouble and everything. All you have to do is wait. And when the movie is up on Vimeo, grab your popcorn and see the Bucharest nightcrawlers at work. ‘Peace!’

Find them on Facebook and  Vimeo.

Photo: Screens from Video

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