Andreea Andrei Exclusive for Cultartes: “Fuck Money and Fame!”

To be very honest and to say who Andreea Andrei is… is a complicated thought. She’s an art lover, she likes rain and the smell of it, she travels by herself to see Europe and to find her inner peace. She’s a cat lover and a wine drinker, she smells like Chanel (always but her alter ego smells like Miss Dior le parfum). She wants to be free. She always said from high school that she’s gonna be married for the rest of her life with the cinema and photography. Because she does think about this lovely corner of heaven that, this will never wake up in the morning and say “I don’t love you anymore, I’ve fallen in love with someone else, or that I cheated on you with another woman/man”. It takes everything but also gives you everything, you just need to focus and see it.

Baldo (Cultartes Mag.): Do you think nude photography is a trend backed by an abnormality of the society obsessed with sexuality?

Andreea: To be honest, I think nude photography comes from the desire of accepting sexuality as a part of society. We need to accept the fact that we are sexual and full of desires, and that the carnal pleasures are a normal thing. I don’t think we need to repress this thing or to just cut it out from our lives. Someone once said “When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it” so there for I said it.

Why do you think a woman’s nipple is more obscene than a man’s one?

I think it’s more obscene because we are all taught from when we were just some little ones that a girl should feel ashamed to not wear a bra or something to cover up, when we grow up and our tits start to show. But to be honest, it’s the same fucking nipple. Guys have the same nipple, like we do. We just have the glands more prevalent then guys. So why I should cover my nipples when I’m going out, or don’t know. Why I should be aware of how I have to dress, why don’t the guys don’t be such dicks and just don’t be turned on because you see some nipples in a bus or at a museum or I don’t know, on the street.

“People always ask questions like: ‘How can you put yourself like that (when it comes to nudes)’ and I always reply, my dear, that is not me, Mihaela, that’s my alter ego, that’s my character that I build it up around that photograph. You’ll never see her, you’ll see the alter ego. You need to make the difference between private life and artistic life. In my private life I am a very shy human being and very modest when it comes to me, my life and my work. But in the artistic one, the alter ego surface and try’s to make a statement about the human behind it”

Should Facebook add a button for ass-kissers?

Yeah, it should. Cause on the internet you don’t always know who’s an ass-kisser. The internet it’s ruining this pleasure of “smelling” people out. It’s the same thing with those stupid jokes. Sometimes you get upset because you can’t see the face and hear the intonation of that phrase.

In a world without women, respectively, with no tits and butts, do you think there would be as many photographers “artists”?

Well, the female body it’s a pleasure to photograph, but you can find a nice looking guy to photograph as well. A guy asked me in a private message once, if I shoot male nudes as well. It was kinda funny to say to him, sorry dude, I just shoot female nudes. And he replayed something like: are you gay? And this is a common mistake. Because there are girls who think that I want to fuck them as well. But I’m straight. So meh! Or maybe it’s just, some of them want to fuck the model as well. So, I’m not interested in that. Neither female or male models. 

How is the artistic Romania seen from abroad?

Well it’s getting really great. All those art events and stuff, we should talk more about our artistic Romania. I think we have what to show in the world. We just need to be focus on making nice art, not just for the sake of money or the fucking fame.

Fuck money and fame, make it for you, for them, for us, release your soul and pour it down on that white canvas or into that motion picture or into that photograph, music and so on. But just do it, because YOU THINK and YOU HAVE something great to say, don’t go into that fame and money direction cause It’s with a dead end. Yes, at some point we all want that, fame, money, parties, but first you need to put your name on the market with things to show and then, you can say, fuck this shit, I’m going to that vip party or whatever, because now people know what I DO and what I CAN DO. Don’t be a fucking dick and say “I’m fucking famous!”, just because you can.

The worst thing anyone have told you when you said then you’re Romanian?

Uhm, I talked with an ex colleague of mine about music, in general… He was very surprised to see that I know about Run Dmc and Hendrix or even MJ ( he was an afro-american). He thought that we ( eastern europeans) don’t know good music, just because we lived in a communism period.

The first thing you do if one day you’ll wake up a boy?

First thing, uhm this is a though one. I would like to see how it is to cum in a girl’s mouth and to see how it feels to make sex like a man. ( with no strings attached).

“When I have my camera on my hands it’s like I’m on a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fire next to me or that a car will run over me. It’s just me and my camera.”

“I find peace in music, I do have a guilty pleasure, Lana del Rey… But my normal taste it’s rock, classical and jazz. I enjoy cooking for me, my family and my loved one.”

She explains: “Even though I started with digital photography, now I’m going back to analog. I don’t know but analog will always be my first love. When you take a photograph, that photograph will be immortal, that very moment will become immortal. I love to photograph people, because you can make them immortal on those photographs. Someone said, if you want to see what people fear losing, watch what they photograph. I fear losing, people, places, states of mind, youth.

And my biggest fear is death. I’m trying to integrate it in my life, after all we all gonna die. It’s not like some of us will be immortal, we’ll be in photographs, but in real life we’re gonna have to deal with it. I do have from time to time, dreams in which my loved ones are dying, and my grandmother always says to me, that in those dreams, their death dies. I think it’s an old saying. And somehow that makes me feel better and not worse.”

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