Alira Mun’s New Song Sets You Off on a Journey of Wonder

Alira Mun is a twenty-three years old Romanian composer based in Sibiu. You might know her as a dedicated collaborator of Thy Veils. She recently introduced us her debut song “Gemma“, and from today on you can watch and replay this song’s video. About two hours ago I saw this video too, and there’s no need for introduction when it comes to Daniel Dorobantu‘s amazing work. Everything in here is dreamy; the music is melancholic and we have dreary, yet beautiful soundscapes all around.

I’m in such a mood, where all I need is music that elevates my soul and my heart; it magically remained stuck in my mind. “Gemma” has that thing that excites me. Alira Mun’s music is beautifully alienating. It has the fantastic element of fairy tales and mystery and her voice can give pleasure to young and old.

met in a dream
of fading shadows
seeking with heart
eyes never see
I felt that dream
and just went through
and felt that I
have never known
I’ve found
and rest my cheek to
A feel that I have never known
A feel that I have never known

Gemma” is an inspirational song, it allows you to reconsider about the past, but also to dream and focus on a surreal future; it sets you off on a journey of wonder. This is for sure a very special, celestial listening experience.

Gemma” was recorded and produced in DSPro studio.

Mastered by Atilla Lukinich.

Video by Daniel Dorobantu.

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