Alexandru Diugan Captures Vibrant Moments and Keeps Them from Being Forgotten

Romanian-born street photographer Alexandru Diugan takes the viewer on a journey through a set of vibrant photos. Alexandru’s images are quite intimate and filled with authenticity; you’ll see pictures of dreamy, outstanding landscapes and intense portraits. He’s one of the photographers who uses to capture special and important moments and keep them from being forgotten. He started to photograph early 2014, when his sister bought him a compact camera, a more of an old version of Canon. Since then, Alexandru captures combinations of architecture or people on the move just in order to create his own story to frame on.

What made me photograph? Well, I thought I could create stories like painters do and from the moment I touch the camera and saw I could capture images I knew this was right for me to do so.

It’s been like two or three days since I first saw his photos and I’ve been absorbed by his youthfulness. You’ll find it there somewhere and it will make you feel jealous for not owning Alexandru’s world. I would describe it as an atmospheric photography. Through his work, he presents the true purpose of exploring and expression.

We both make our way into the dreamy night, wild and wonderfully alive.

All images: (c) Alexandru Diugan


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