What’s Our Deal?

Cultartes is a bilingual (ro/en) unconventional webzine based in Romania.

We’re promoting especially the unusual forms of art and culture. We’re writing about things we enjoy and want you to hear about: artists, strangely talented people and events alike, from our country or from abroad. We want to help embedding the Romanian contemporary culture where it belongs, inside the universal one.

We approach taboo, unconformable subjects and we try to turn them into smart, explicit, uncensored articles. We’re being influenced by gonzo journalism, post-modernism, exhibitionism and some other -ism’s.

If you like our articles, share or leave a reply. If you don’t, tell us nicely to go fuck ourselves. If you want to get your art featured, submit via this form. If you want to contribute and write something, send us an e-mail.

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