Now, it might be a good safety measure to introduce the disclaimer that an abstract concept like “being cool” is subjective but, there are things we can look at that moves us without question. Pose and attitude are prime factors when it comes to sending across a message about who you are – body language that tells your story without much of your verbal input. OK, maybe a t-shirt helps too.

A photograph tends to capture these things quite easily. Our fault is that we try to “perfect” our image too much these days. It’s one of the reasons the candidness of old school photography attracts me so.

That’s why I scoured the Internet, looking up some of my heroes and live vicariously through their hay days.

Rolling Stone’s member Keith Richards
David Bowie and Mick Ronson, Train to Aberdeen, Scotland 1973
Metallica, 1984 by Ross Halfin

You can see Metallica live in Bucharest. Event here

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