8-bit stories – the Nostalgia of Humanity

Ever wondered how our emotions look like bulked up into something which uses as trademark the too-rapid-growth-for-humans-to-adapt-to-it-easily of technology? Or ever wondered how can you express those things which used to be said bluntly face to face to someone, years ago when your only source of contacting that person was to pass by his house?

We are forgetting how to communicate. We often think it’s weird to just approach a stranger – you should message him on Facebook first, you don’t want things to be awkward, don’t you? Yet without basic communications skills, without us firstly talking openly face to face, Social Media wouldn’t have existed.

8 bit stories

Every way in which we express ourselves online, today, was inspired by the ways in which we used to express ourselves. So how does this impact us more exactly? While I don’t have a scientifically and psychologically researched answer I have an artistic one, from which you can form your own conclusions.

8-bit stories is for me the result of things left unsaid and emotions repressed. The author managed to embody the nostalgia of humanity. The days when if you missed someone you told him. There was no other way. Nowadays you don’t. You might make a fool out of yourself and god forbid for it to ever get online!

8 bit stories

You “dress yourself up” in what you wish your life was and you post it, so you can tell everyone that you long for nothing because you have everything. Although, when you do need desperately to feel some human warmth, I bet you scroll down between things which feed your feelings of inadequacy.

The creator of 8-bit stories comes with a visual medicine for our rotten selves and so I think we could all take a look, read and then reflect on his creations.

8 bit stories

Alexandra Crisbășan: Tell me about you, who is the person behind 8-bit, how is your life like outside what you’ve built online and what are your dreams, your fears, you guilty pleasures, anything.

8-bit stories: Hello. I’m just your average introverted guy who loves art and never goes outside. That’s me, as boring as I can be. You can guess that obviously, I don’t have that many dreams or many friends right now. I used to have a lot of them, both dreams and friends, but lately I feel old inside and I have taken myself out of the spotlight. I sit a lot in my home, I eat a lot and play games all day. It’s like time has ran out of my hands, at one point in my life and even if I gave my best for those things I wanted to achieve, I got nothing in return. So I got disappointed and angry with life and I chose to escape it, in a sense. This, somehow, has set me back and it’s maybe my biggest fear, the failure. I know it’s my own fault and while I realize that I need these series of wrong moves from my part to be thrown to the garbage asap, I still make them. Funny, isn’t it?

8 bit stories

If you could meet one whom you know you will never ever see again, but with whom you will form a bond, how would you present yourself to that person?

I’d be the same boring, shy and dark person I am in real life.

Select a few 8-bit stories which describe a week of your daily life (he gave me his 3 favorites, here they are).

All of them, lol. But really, check my twitter if you want a preview of a week of my daily life.
*whispers in your ear* @eightbitstories follow me.

Why 8-bit and not photographs or drawings?

I’d love to do this with my own photographs or drawings and custom-made handwritten fonts but l I’m bad at drawing. I used to draw things when I was a kid, but as soon as I got my hands on a computer, my drawing skills went downwards. I prefer to express myself through a digital medium.

8 bit stories

What inspired you to create 8-bit stories?

Like, nothing? I just started putting words on NES artwork because I was bored of my old blog, where I posted generic pixel art from other platforms and games. I just stuck with it and it totally absorbed me cause it’s simple but meaningful to me.

8 bit stories

Did this help you in any way?

Quite a bit. It mostly helped me by connecting me with people I’d never be able to connect with otherwise. It’s also a mind-relaxing process for me, working on Photoshop and coming up with ideas for an artwork and then talking with people about it on Facebook.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hmm, to be honest. In a comfortable, yet cold coffin, away from here.

8 bit stories

Would you and 8-bit stories still be together?

As long as I’m not spiritually fatigued I will go on doing this thing. So, it may or may not survive for a long time.

What is the one thing you follow in life without making any compromises?

Art. There is nothing else worth following in this life of mine.

8 bit stories

What do you think of the world, today?

The world from my own perspective sucks. I believe that humanity sucked, sucks and will still suck in the future and it is doomed, on a never-ending cycle of despair due to its repeated mistakes. At least I get comfortable with the thought that there is still a source of light in people’s hearts nowadays and good things will not just fade away like nothing.

8 bit stories

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