Day: January 6, 2018

PIXI – The Digital, Forest-Haunting Organism Created by WERC

[:en] The artist collective WERC based in Groningen, The Netherlands, has a captivating back story about what can happen if technology and nature create a symbiosis close to perfection. The group is a network of multiple teams specialized in different areas, combining new media and techniques in a series of […]

Velvet Dreams – A Queer Project by Marina Bubnic

[:en] Marina Bubnic is a visual and make-up artist based in Serbia. Among her areas of expertise we identified fashion and conceptual photography. Although she’s the finger that presses the button when the time comes, she’s mostly known for the make-up part, and she does it as any other artist […]

Poison & Love – Alkyoni Pap

[:en] Athens-based talented visual artist Alkyoni Papakonstantopoulou (stylized as Alkyoni Pap) is tearing herself between drawing, photography and poetry, sometimes mixing these three or revealing the effect that one has on the other. Currently studying Photography and Audio-Visual Arts, the 23 years old artist is attracted to one of the […]