20 Amazing Local Artsy Photographers You Should’ve Known by Now (NSFW)

This list of the finest local photographers (Iasi, Romania) I was able to come up with should give you a clue for what comes in the future and satisfy your curiosity (if there’s any!). This is not a classification of any kind, but only a list of photographers I admire, so you might find it a little subjective. I’ve chosen only photographers who don’t activate necessarily for money. Also, I picked only a few photo-manipulations, in order to keep a “clean” genuine list.

So, there you go! A list of 20 local artsy motherfucking photographers you might or you might not know about. Either way, you’re welcome! (hint: click on their names for more!)

1. Andreea Dănilă

2. Tibu Diana

3. George Popovici

4. Cosmin Lita

5. Vlad Vârtosu

6. Roxana Maria Contu

7. Iustin Șurpănelu

8. Valentin Gatlan

9. Elena Racu

10. Adrian Serghie

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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