This year is close to it’s end and it’s been one of the best years for movies, short films, videos, documentaries and songs that easily fuck all the standards, feed our thirst for something new and different, put some sense in our head and open our eyes, or at least try. Someone gave me the idea to make a top-10-like list with everything I find more important, so here is what I think is worth our time.

I’ll start with the ones I’ve already wrote about like:

Cold Void

Selected for multiple film festivals, Claudio Marino‘s with ARTAX FILM house documentary has the chance to share the spirit of being careless in front of society’s burdens. Niklas Kvarforth, Shining‘s vocalist, took the courage to be brutally honest while talking about his story, starting with childhood traumas which are causing schizophrenic moments or psychotic episodes, self-harm, depression, mental illness and trust issues, ending with some pretty good examples of how all of this helps him create his art. This is a first watch of this list, if not for anything else, at least for courageously choosing not to care about what society says and, if to take it in a more common way, an actual “it’s ok if you’re not ok.”

Me and That Man-Magdalene 

First in Behemoth as a vocalist, now in his new project in collaboration with the polish rock icon John Porter, Nergal came up with a new project named Me and That Man, in which he shares his beliefs, in a different manner after working on his singing voice. He doesn’t expect his old fans or people to like it, but rather respect it for being his idea and see the effort he puts in the whole thing. By far, Magdalene, from the Songs about Love and Death album, is the best at proving their work and motivation. Blasphemous and with a lovely sense of humor, provokes your subconscious and keeps you stuck in their sense ’till the very end.


The very talented Marilyn Manson amazed me and, I bet, you too again. Say10 is a video released for the song with the same name about society’s blindness at problems resting in front of our eyes. As much as the lyrics say, the video keeps your eyes wide open from the illusionary “God like” start with Manson’s friend, Johnny Depp, into the end where we might start to question some things and appreciate his sincerity. And just like in real like, the confusion about who’s God and who’s the Devil is free to set in.

Call me by your name

The new movie from Luca Guadagnino will give you a dose of melancholy in this love story based on the controversial novel by Andre Aciman. Thimotee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are emphatically acting the problems that appear in a relationship by being homosexual. Or gay. Or however you want to name it. One word yet so many reactions. I say it’s a worth watch for their amazing acting and a great way of opening our eyes to what’s more important, no matter the end of the movie. And also for the satisfaction of seeing those standards crushed under reality.


A short movie coming from Anu Valia and selected for multiple Film Festivals as Maryland, New Orleans and Sidewalk. It follows a woman who doesn’t really like to assume or stress over a problem, but rather grabs it by the core and tries to help. In the hospital where a teenager boy is under observation after his failed suicide attempt, she meets his music teacher, who realizes she might not be as well-wishing as it seemed. Further I’ll let you think about it alone, ‘cuz there’s not much you can say about a short movie without spoiling, and who likes spoilers, right?


Originally Japanese, the word can be translated to “perfect”, “just right” or “exactly” and explained as the perfect fit or the correct answer. Patrik Smith found the perfect meaning of it and made it so distinguished that it can have a lot of different interpretations, based on everyone’s experience and self. In my opinion, I took it as an exclamation point referring to standards and the burden of “fitting in”. When one knows oneself enough, has enough self-respect, self-awareness, and self-love, not only he finds himself strong enough to fight any abuse, problem or obstacle he finds like stones in his way through life, but also doesn’t meet the need to “fit in”. But as I said, it can be understood in many ways, based on our experience, way of thinking and personality. So i’m just gonna leave this here as the great work and idea it is, and let you find your own perception towards it, who knows, might have a positive effect.


Welcome to Britannia. Together We Stand Alone. You can say Tom Hancock has a pretty twisted mind to make something like this. Everyone has fears, regrets, things they want to fix or do but can’t, or at least we think so. Tending to live in the past or in the future rather than being in the present and stopping it from becoming another regret for the future. This short drama, sci-fi film, this guy’s mind and his doctor might open our eyes. Or what if there’s no doctor and everything is in our heads, our mind trying to help?

Black Mirror

For us, humans, is impossible to stop evolution from happening. Every day we learn something new, receive new information that we have to use further. We tend to think about the future not only for making plans, but also building imaginary worlds we think we might get to live in. It’s harder and harder to believe how far technology came, rush gets faster, plans get bigger and people become blind to reality. “If you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?”. Well, what if you would be able to see what happens if that imaginary world would replace reality?

Alone Time

More of a short story, not really full of action, plot twist or anything that makes it entertaining. It’s kind of boring actually, but if you think while watching it, if you’re not afraid to question (even yourself), if you try to feed your thirst for different things and lose the monotony, it’s not just “4 minutes wasted of your life”. Our whole life is in our hands. If we would want to shave our head, to see new places, do something new, to kiss a stranger, to ease the world of one problem by doing things differently, to speak our mind or start a completely new life, we could do it anytime. But we don’t, and something is always good as an excuse or enough to stop us. But is that our ability to do what we want to, or is it something else? What are we supposed to do? And are we really supposed to do those things? When are we gonna decide? And what if it’s too late? But is it ever too late for changing something? As a start choose not to get bored but rather think harder about everything that’s going on.

Candy (2014)

Even if it’s not from this year, I find this a worth watch because it’s not a good example. Drugs, alcohol, parties, no care in the world, lots of sex and no control. I pretty much summed up the movie. The only thing missing is the way it makes you feel while watching it. This one’s not really a thing to follow or get inspired by, but an example of the sad, dangerous side that exists to being careless and inducing the lack of control. Besides, Heath Ledger‘s acting and the loose love story makes it not that bad of a choice.

And finally, 030 (2010)

By The Good The Bad, very nonconformist NSFW video, some very kinky stuff with a very hot chick, a very nice and skilled guitar and some very good riffs on the background. Everything is “very” in here, but what can you do when the music is too good? Enjoy!

Well, these were my favs, even if not all of them from this year, they had to be on this list at least for their way of stepping out of the standards and sitting aside, or having a bit more courage than the usual stuff. Hope they’ll make the last days of 2017 a bit more interesting, adding a note of “fucked up” to your evenings – or whenever you have the luck to find this list 🙂 .

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