1110110111 (MONOM): “Let Go” Leads You To a Psychedelic-Dark Wilderness

“Monom is a circle. Monom is 1 and 0. Monom is all and nothing. Monom is a reflection in the dark.”

It’s a new exciting project, a different approach regarding electronic music; as far as I can tell there are steeper inclinations of this genre. I’m not much of a connoisseur myself and the fact that I haven’t listen too much of this may be the cause. Overtime I tried to listen to electronic music and I felt there is a repetition and a dull sound. I can’t complain about this new project, it’s something quite different. Monom seems rather broken from the usual landscape and these boys successfully bring new great, dreamy subtleties and shades.

We know who Radu Pieloiu is, don’t we? I don’t wanna hear any comments. But for the sake of jazz and good music you should know he plays with Sebastian Spanache TrioHelenAlexandrina or ex-Brum. Each of these rather similar projects emit a fragrance with the same tones and Radu always seems to try to stretch his artistic tentacles to newer boundaries. Looks like he perfectly completes his tasks.

Anghel Mailat is taking care of buttons, here at least. I don’t know much about him so the shame is on me. What I do know instead is that he delivers some soundscapes of an almost absurd complexity. There are some parts that leads you to a psychedelic-dark wilderness and you’ll be wandering all by yourself, lost and in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s see now what’s the deal with “Let Go”, their first single, their first video, their first everything. It’s therefore a live session that turns out to be a spectacular video, yet at a first sight you’ll want to see more. If I refer to the video only, there are some fine lightnings and angles you’ll bet there’s a foreign influence in there. Besides, there are some characters, some shadows if you will, that perfectly present a dark note.

This song, as well as this project, makes you curious. 1110110111 (Monom) is an appearance of the other side of the mirror. It’s the face and the imagination that lays beyond the same eyes.

Cover photo: (c) Cristian Vaduva

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